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Looking To The Stars

Vinay KhandelwalNameology & Numerology ExpertAs a nameology and numerology expert, I help people discover the power of their names and numbers. By analyzing your name and birth date, I can reveal your hidden talents, destiny, and purpose in life. I can also help you choose the best name for yourself, your business, or your brand, based on the principles of nameology and numerology.

How did Vinay start?Vinay was fascinated by names and numbers since he was a child. He noticed how different names and numbers had different effects on people's personalities, relationships, and careers. He wanted to learn more about this mysterious science and started reading books and attending courses on nameology and numerology. He soon realized that he had a natural gift for this field and decided to pursue it as his passion and profession.What does Vinay do?Vinay is a nameology and numerology consultant who offers online and offline services to clients from all over the world. He provides personalized reports, consultations, and guidance on various aspects of nameology and numerology.
Vinay's InitiativesVinay is not only a nameology and numerology expert but also a social activist who uses his skills to help others. He has initiated several projects that aim to spread awareness, education, and empowerment through nameology and numerology. Some of his initiatives are:- Name Your Dream: A campaign that encourages people to name their dreams and aspirations and work towards achieving them with the help of nameology and numerology.- Name Your Cause: A platform that connects people who have a social cause or a charitable mission with donors who support them by naming their cause.- Name Your Success: A program that trains entrepreneurs, professionals, students, and artists on how to use nameology and numerology to boost their performance, productivity, creativity, and success.

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